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English information


This website aims to give an overview of the german speaking animal rights/animal liberation movement. It informs about its objectives, topics, motivation and discussions and provides background information about the movement. Furthermore it reports on current campaigns, debates, actions and events. This project is run by various animal rights/animal liberation activists and doesn’t represent any organization or association. It has been initiated by the group “Tierbefreiung Hamburg”, but is now conducted by several longterm activists from different groups and regions.


Background information on the formation of the website

Despite the fact that many different groups, sites, campaigns and organizations presented themselves on their own websites, there hasn’t been any complete and complex representation of the German-speaking animal rights/ animal liberation movement. This is, how the idea for this website came up. The project doesn’t claim to give a fully neutral description of the movement. From our point of view, this wouldn’t make sense because the movement itself, as well as its discussions, are constantly developing and changing. Nevertheless, the editors of this site try to provide a broad and complete overview which represents the diversity and differences within the animal rights/ animal liberation movement.


Animal welfare, animal rights, animal liberation – the use of different terms

On this website you’ll find the terms animal rights movement as well as animal liberation movement. Although there are various definitions and usages of these terms, we refer with both terms to groups and activists, who aim to abolish the use of animals and do not only want to reform it. Editors can decide, which term they prefer and which is appropriate in their context. This(link!) article clarifies the demarcation to animal protection or welfare goals.


Gender and antispeciesist issues in language

We are aware, that language is reflecting and reproducing structures of discrimination against and domination of certain social groups. Therefore, instead of using the ‘generic masculine’, on this website we seek to use a gender-neutral language including all gender identities. Editors choose themselves, which form of gender-neutral-language they want to use. Likewise, editors choose themselves how to verbally challenge the invisibility and marginalization of animals in our language (and society). To make visible that animals are also protagonists, some editors might choose to avoid the human-animal-dualism by using terms like ‘nonhuman animals’.


We try to provide as much accessibility in the presentation of the contents as possible.

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